In this modern age of people ranting, raving, moaning and suing, we all need to cover our derrières. For that reason, I’ve got a lengthy disclaimer. It’s not that I’m going to rush off and post objectionable content, no way; but it protects everyone involved should something get wrongfully published, or if you, the user, types up a silly comment or piece of feedback that was best left in your skull and not in the real world.

In brief:

This is the personal website of David O’Keeffe (as you may have gathered by the domain name). Any views expressed on this website do not necessarily represent that of David O’Keeffe or any other projects of affiliations that David O’Keeffe may have, obviously.  This website is operating in the best interests of all parties: the subject of the article, personnel mentioned in the post and the author of the material. The author reserves the right to change his opinion on any matter or article appearing on this website, and may do so on a regular basis.

If you have a question about content, or wish to contact the Blog owner regarding any material, please email info [at] davidokeeffe.com.

Usage or reproduction of any material from this website is strictly prohibited without prior written permission from David O’Keeffe. Simple as. If you want to publish my articles, feature content or make reference to the website in any way, other than the usual forms, you must get in touch and get written permission from me. I don’t bite, but I do like to know where I am being mentioned, or where my content is. Feel free to use the lovely social media sharing buttons and whatnot- they’re your best friend.


Content Accuracy, Age and Validation:

The world moves fast, and the internet moves faster. And, this blog moves pretty speedy also. The material posted may change, and often does, on a hourly or daily basis, therefore news articles, links, sources and other information regarding the content may expire or somehow become different. The same goes for the opinions and thoughts of the author. For these reasons, take into account that content or material changes may not be instantly available, or they may be cached or not updated in a timely manner for public consumption.

At no point is the content meant to be offensive, harmful or distasteful. All material, posts and content are done so in the best intentions of everyone; from author, to subject, those delivering feedback, or merely the reader. At no point should the material be seen in a negative light, as it is not created in such a way.


External Link Policy:

Videos, audio, photographs, articles or other media may be linked to in certain posts and articles via this website. However, the author, website owner and all those involved take absolutely no responsibility for the content, unless stated explicitly. The links may not be always up-to-date, suitable or available, so users should take these factors into account. However, you are forbidden to hotlink to any content, images or other content, as well as copying or replicating material in any way.

Content Policy:

Images and content used on the website are predominantly owned by David O’Keeffe, along with the David O’Keeffe “brand”, identification and stylings (which expand and reach other internet properties relating)- no person has the right to use the content without prior written permission from the content owner.

Imagery which belongs to other individuals or organisations may be used, however all correct linking policies and crediting is given. At no point is the crediting policy overlooked intentionally, but should material be inadvertently overlooked, contact should be made with the website owner.

David O’Keeffe.com uses a great deal of material released under Creative Commons. This material is used in accordance with the chosen copyright law and the correct crediting policy. However, all material on this website, except for the Creative Commons licensed material, is under strict copyright to David O’Keeffe and cannot be used, transformed, remixed, edited or quoted from without prior written permission.


Public Input:

Feedback and material from the public is welcomed; it generally makes David O’Keeffe feel all warm and fuzzy inside, however sometimes people can post silly, stupid, offensive or down-right idiotic things which go against taste, decency or law. For this reason, no parties involved with this website or blog can be held responsible, nor will be held liable, for anything anyone says on the blog or the blog comments, nor the laws which they may break in your country or theirs through their comments’ content, implication, and intent.


Sponsorship or Publicity:

Material is welcomed from professional organisations, content makers or the public. This content or details are welcomed for promotional consideration. In  99% of cases, no benefits (either cash, goods or services) are given for placement or publicity on the website. However, should in the future (albeit highly unlikely) it come to terms that sponsorship is made, it will be stated in the post. It’s not American Idol: I’ve not got Coca Cola glasses sitting on my desk.



Nobody’s perfect. The material on this website is highly researched, perfected and checked for accuracy, however no content should be taken as as fact nor absolute certainty. All persons involved cannot be held responsible for any advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations used by the public. No party involved can be held responsible for errors or inaccuracies due to grammar, punctuation, languages/translation or other typographical elements. No financial claims can be made against the website owner in any respect. Oh, and I’m not a doctor: sticking your finger into a plug socket would be a bad idea, no matter who says it. Use some common sense!


Anything else?

Errors & Omissions excepted. All Rights Reserved. Terms and Conditions apply. David O’Keeffe reserves the right to change any or all of this disclaimer at any point. Have a nice day. Use Sunscreen.


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