Eurovision 2011: The Semi-Final Draw Results

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  • Leonard McCarthy

    Although I'm delighted Italy are finally returning after missing 13 contests for being sore losers after
    Jalisse with Fiumi di Parole only got 4th less than I think they deserved, as They expected to win! Why should they be allowed to return automatically into the final just cause they contribute large funds similar to the BBC and the other 3! Very unfair on other countries I think, as others would think I'm sure!!!!!

    • Dave

      Yes, with Italy in the mix things should be interesting. The "Big Five"

      united again for the goodness of, erm, Eurovision glory!

      Well, I personally agree with "The Biggies" as we'll now refer to them as.

      Without such funding, the contest wouldn't work as well as it does. They'd

      be cutting corners left, right and centre. They'd be taking advertisement

      breaks. They'd be unable to showcase the programme in such a way. It would

      be a terrible way to go, I think.

      If some countries decide to give cash towards it, as being large members of

      the EBU and the ESC respectively, so be it- I think they should gain instant

      qualification: it doesn't guarantee them anything, as we've seen from

      results. Germany got it last year, but it's the first time a "Biggie" has

      won since 2000. But, that's just my two cents.

      Do you think they should scrap the Big Five?