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I've a Horse Outside

Q&A with the Rubberbandits: MTV gets chatty

They’ve just come off The Late Late Show and they’ve given their (in)famous humour to the nation, but they’ve gone further-afield than that. The lads recently did an interview, after their roaring success, to MTV in America. Seriously. The website, which contained an interview (included below) stated that there was...


Mónae has the magic touch

Congrats, Janelle Mónae. She’s just picked up the title and earned the top spot for this year’s Guardian Music Album of the Year 2010 for her album “The ArchAndroid (Suites II and III)”. She defeated other musical heavyweights like Kanye West, Hot Chip and Arcade Fire, both placed at first,...

Nicholas Cage

Forget the Economy. Watch Nicholas Cage freak out.

Nearly 20 days without a post. I’m disgusted at myself. My reason? Many things. Plus, the country has gone down the toilet. But enough doom and gloom. Let’s embrace some happy things, some smiles and laughs, and some hilarious compilation footage of actor Nicholas Cage freaking out in countless films...